Analysis of Sovereign Bullion Portfolio - Crown Gold Reserves

Analysis of Sovereign Bullion Portfolio - Crown Gold Reserves

What is this about?

Sovereign Bullion Portfolio - Crown Gold Reserves, sale of gold from Hong Kong, with 200 metric tonnes of gold per week, is a pretentious and by all indications fake and fraudulent offer being sent by the entity named Robert Cohen and Jones Wyatt Corp. The article is debunking the fictitious arguments claimed in the fraudulent offer.

This article is published under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, and the information received from mentioned parties was received in accordance with the Goldivanti LP website Terms & Conditions.

The parties that have submitted the article to GOLDIVANTI LP were Robert Cohen with the website and his LinkedIn profile, and the assumption is that he has the copyright on the offer, yet the offer has been submitted under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, so it can be published, modified, changed, distributed, copied as we wish. Thanks to authors.

The other party such as, fully anonymous, has been distributing the *Sovereign Bullion Portfolio - Crown Gold Reserves" offers, with the copies to all kind of genuine and not genuine gold traders. We have got the same offer through 2 parties.

And we don’t buy it.

And here it will be explained why we don’t buy it.

In short, when somebody is sending an “offer for gold” to GOLDIVANTI LP that is clearly fraudulent, that somebody shall expect no privacy or “confidentiality”, until it is explicitly stated. That is in accordance with the website terms and conditions.

It’s such a good thing that people are inquiring to us and submitting their articles under the permissive copyright license, so that we may publish this kind of aticles online.

Our website has got this offer from Goldivanti LP and we found it interesting, so it is being published on this independent website, that is run by US jurisdiction.

The Offer

The offer is marketed by Robert Cohen with the wordings such as:

The Sovereign Bullion Portfolio offer is available for download, and it was given to us under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, so that everybody is free to distribute it, modify it – or just read the license to understand your rights.

Sovereign Bullion Portfolio - Robert Cohen

It is distributed as Portable Document Format (PDF) file, through emails, and we guess it is distributed to hundreds of not thousands of people who are in gold industry.

Sovereign Bullion Portfolio “Off-Market” Private Treaty Sale

It starts like this:

What we say on that?

  1. Neither the offer is private nor “confidential”, it is being distributed to public through the mailing list, and without any subscription. It is pretentious claim to make it sound more authentic.

  2. Crown Gold Reserves is the statement to give the impression that gold bullion offer is related to “crown”. Which crown? Is it British Crown? Is it maybe Hong Kong crown? I mean Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, and China has no crowns. The pretentious title Crown Gold Reserves is there for naive people.

  3. Stock Regularly Replenished is to say that 200 metric tonnes of gold are regularly refilled, that also means it is regularly sold. So, if it is regularly sold, I mean, they claim to have 200 bloody metric tonnes of gold, that are regularly sold and refilled in their storages, then why they are sending this same joke of the offer to hundreds and thousands of unknown and supposed buyers. Why don’t they simply offer the same gold to the previous buyer, finally it is regularly replenished, they shall have no problem to sell it “regularly” to their present “buyers”, if there would be such.

  4. Sovereign Bullion Consignment, that is just a title of the business. There is no such thing as being sovereign in any kind of transactions involving banks, as sovereign means autonomous and independent, that title is left just for few people in the world. As soon as a bank, or country’s laws are used in transaction, say good bye to any sovereignity. Yet the title is to make us believe that offer is real.

  5. First Lift: 200 MT of product – I mean, they want to say 200 metric tonnes of gold?! Considering that current value of gold is US $40,390.98, then the value of 200,000 kilograms of gold shall be US $8,078,196,582.83.

    My education is not of that quality that I can read that number. So, I have asked my computer to spell it out in English language. And it says, it is eight billion, seventy-eight million, one hundred and ninety-six thousand, five hundred and eighty-two dollars and eighty-three cents.

    So, they have “regularly sold” gold worth more than 8 billion dollars, I mean just the commission of 1% on 8 bullions is like US $80,000,000 which is 80 million US dollars. Mr. Robert Cohen thus claims in the offer to have received this commission multiple times. Regularly.

They are “legal mandate”

Let’s move on with the quotation of their “gold offer” and the analysis.

We are the Legal Mandate for a Sovereign Seller/Title Holder who holds title of ownership to considerable bullion assets in Hong Kong.

When somebody is a “legal mandate” that means they have a legal document authorizing them to sell or buy or do other actions for the principal.

At the moment of such representation, the mandate letter shall be shown to party to which one is representing.

Yet they are not only showing the mandate letter, they are hiding it. That is further the indication of fraud or money laundering.

We are authorized to offer for sale the below GLD standard bullion in accordance with the terms and conditions hereafter set forth, subject to acceptance of the final Sale and Purchase Agreement.

When somebody is authorized by legal document, the legal document is to be shown at that moment or at the moment of request to show the authorization. Yet, they are hiding all the matters and details.

Maybe the “Crown” does not want to get disclosed?

The transaction will be managed exclusively within the secure confines of the banking system under full banking scrutiny and vigilance and in conformity with applicable laws and international standards and regulations. This being Sovereign bullion, the proceedings will be subject to close regulatory oversight.

Well, if that above would be true, Mr. Robert Cohen would be already in jail for breaking all the regulations in regards to money laundering that apply in United Kingdom.

The Seller’s Transacting Bank is HSBC, Hong Kong, Main Office. Buyers may elect, as their Payment Settlement Bank, any major Bank in Hong Kong or they may utilize the Seller’s parent Bank, HSBC Bank, London, Head Office. The sale proceeds will be remitted by the Seller to the countries involved to finance worthy government infrastructure projects and other humanitarian, charitable and public interest works.

Now they want to tell us, that they are regularly sending 8 billion dollars to governments and they are financing humanitarian, charitable and public interest of the world.

How generous? Robert, this is truly amazing.

NOTICE: There are controlling government Treaties that regulate the conduct of sale. These Sovereign agreements preclude the Seller from transacting with Buyers who are unable or unwilling to observe the terms and procedures stated herein.

There are no “treaties”. The jurisdiction of sale is specified in agreement, and any court proceedings are taking place in the jurisdiction as per the agreement. If there is no special jurisdiction specified, the court jurisdiction is where the sale has taken place.

The author of that fake and fraudulent offer wish to give us some legal wishy-washy statements, that we simply think it is authentic. It is not.



GLD Standard Bullion


12.5 KG Bars, with registered serial numbers


999.5/1000 or better fineness


Internationally Recognized Hallmarks, less than five years old (principally Metalor refinery, Hong Kong)

We have asked Metalor in Hong Kong, and we are waiting on their answer (or no answer at all).

Dear Sirs,

Please let me know, if possible, maybe it is public information that you can tell me, does Metalor in Hong Kong produces more than 200 metric tonnes per year?

We have got offer Sovereign Gold Portfolio where they claim to have 200 metric tonnes of gold produced by Metalor Hong Kong.

Give me some information that is public.

Thank you


“Large-tonnage” inventory (stocks regularly replenished)


HSBC-sanctioned private security warehouse in Hong Kong


Insured by Lloyd’s of London for its full LBMA market value

We have asked Lloyd’s of London if they are able to ensure the regularly replenished stocks of gold in Hong Kong worth 8 billion dollars, yet we did not receive any answer. Maybe they are not interested to waste their time on fraudulent claims.


I have got an inquiry from UK, Richard Cohen, who claims that LLoyds in London is insuring the gold of 200 metric tonnes, which are “regularly replenished” for the full LBMA gold market value.

Considering that current value of gold is US $40,001.32, then the value of 200000 kilograms of gold shall be US $8,000,263,173.15.

According to him, LLoyds is insuring that gold located in Hong Kong.

My question is not if you are providing an insurance or not to them, or to confirm it, or similar.

My question is simply: would the Lloyds in UK, in London, ever insure the gold located in some HSBC warehouse in Hong Kong, with that market value?

That is simple question. It does not ask you to reveal any details, simply let me know if that would be legally possible and by your policies feasible or not.


Freely liftable and tradeable and fully exportable All governmental/agency clearances and approvals No liens, charges or encumbrances Export permits issued already in name of Seller



An “off-market” private transaction to be performed on a “bank officer-to-bank officer” basis. Major world Banks only

When a transaction is “off-market” it means it is not offered on world markets such as London bullion market or New York or Japan markets. That is alright in itself, many gold transactions are off-market, and there is not even need to put attention to “off-market”, I mean it is “off-market”, does it mean it is some kind of a benefit or what?

Yet, the transactions which are like that, private, bank officer to bank officer, then why in the hell are you sending the offer to me, and also to Tanzanian fake dealers of gold, and to all kind of dubious people, together with genuine people, I mean, why in the hell you are pretending not to know that all those people not have the 8 billion dollars in their pocket or bank account, whatever. What is wrong with you?

If the transaction is to be from bank officer to bank officer, so why don’t you let them do it? Why do you need to send the offers?


Gross 8% and Net 6% discount to the Buyer, based on the “second fixing”, LBMA gold price

That is written only to make it sound authentic. If you cannot buy 200 metric tonnes of gold, it really does not matter if the fixing is from the morning or evening of the London time.

They wish to sound like they are selling 200 metric tonnes of gold every day, so the fixing should matter.

Now to discounts. Buyer is supposed to receive large income and profit on such discounts. Why don’t they make themselves that large income and profit?

At least, from the fraction of one percent, they could ask a professional con-man to make the offer sound more realistic. This way it is stupid and naive criminal document.

Remember, it is regularly replenished, they have sold it already, and regularly, they received large commissions.


To suit Buyer’s requirements (minimum 200 MT of product)


200 MT of product

Sure, we are running to buy. 8 billion dollars is here. Second fixing LBMA?


Minimum 200 MT Lift amounts. Flexible daily, weekly or monthly Lifts. One-year contracts with rolls/extensions available


That deserves a fricking big LOL!

I understand they are asking for minimum of 8 billion dollars paid, as it is for 200 metric tonnes, but weekly, monhtly lifts?

They claim to be able to sell 200 metric tonnes weekly? Monhtly?


FOB Hong Kong, four (4) delivery options available (See below)


“Ledger-to-Ledger” transfer of payment in US Dollars. Other major world currencies available

What is to mean “ledger to ledger”? Every accountant shall know that every transfer must be recorded in the ledger of the both parties. Yet this is to sound “smart” for the naive people.


The IMFPA will be made an integral part of the contract


  1. The bullion is sold with full Government Export Approval and Tax Paid Clearance. This being Sovereign-owned bullion, the Chinese government has no jurisdiction over the product. The export permits have already been issued and will be confirmed to the Buyer during the Bank Table Top Meeting.

  2. The “ledger-to-ledger” transfer of payment on closing can be conducted in any major Bank in Hong Kong. The Seller will open a bank account in the Buyer’s Bank; alternatively, the Seller can assist the Buyer with an account in HSBC, Hong Kong.

  3. Western Buyers who prefer to maintain their funds in Europe may utilize the Seller’s parent Bank, HSBC Bank, London, Head Office as the Payment Settlement Bank for purposes of blocking funds prior to assaying the product and settling payment.

  4. The Seller is willing to deliver the product, at Seller’s expense, to LBMA accredited Metalor refinery, Hong Kong, for a final assay and GLD certification prior to purchase. Alternatively, Buyers may attend at the Seller’s security warehouse with their inspection team to assay the product prior to purchase.

  1. The Seller is also willing to deliver the product, at Seller’s expense, to Metalor refinery, Hong Kong for a final assay and GLD certification; then arrange for HSBC, Hong Kong to transfer the newly assayed metal from the refinery to the Bank’s vault or depository to permit a new Bank SKR in the Buyer’s name upon closing.

Bank’s don’t issue “Safe Keeping Receipts”, yet the terminology is so well known in the fraudulent world, why not mention it?!

  1. The Seller is also willing, under certain circumstances, to deliver the product, at the Seller’s expense, to the Hong Kong International Airport, Free Trade Zone.
  1. The Seller will provide the Buyer with two-weeks free warehouse storage and insurance cover after purchase to allow the Buyer additional time to finalize his arrangements regarding insurance and storage or physically lifting the goods.

For people who have 8 billion dollars, that benefit to provide them with the free warehouse is nothing but bullshit. No gold owner is to trust the warehouse they don’t have under the strict control.

  1. The contract contains a Two Percent (2%) penalty clause for non-performance by either Party. The Seller reserves the right to report defaulting Buyers to the appropriate authorities. Offenders face lengthy jail terms under Hong Kong law.

The author is hidden behind their website, and the pretentious talk, yet he is the one that shall report more about the experiences in the jails of Hong Kong.

  1. The transaction can be conducted on a wholly “bank-to-bank” (payment against transfer of title) basis - without any requirement that the Buyer block his funds or move his funds first into Hong Kong or HSBC Bank, London - provided the Buyer does not require to inspect/assay the product prior to settling payment.


I mean that one deserves one big WTF?

So, it is alright for them to receive the fricking 8 billion dollars provided the buyer of those 200 metric tonnes of fricking gold is going to believe you that gold is gold and is going to avoid any inspections and assaying???

Fucking criminals! I would really like to do something with their teeth, to see if they are yet so shiny after the face to face treatment.


The transaction is being conducted as an “Off-Market, Private Sale”, managed exclusively within the banking system.

That is nonsense. If it is exclusively within the banking system why are you sending then emails around?

The procedures are fully bank-compliant and have been approved by the Seller’s Transacting Bank, HSBC, Hong Kong, Main Office.

The procedures are, generally, as follows:

  1. The Buyer and Seller or their legal mandates negotiate the contract and finalize the Sale & Purchase Agreement (“SPA”).

  2. The Buyer and Seller sign the SPA electronically and lodge the contract with their respective Banks.

    Note: Manually signed contracts will be exchanged by the Parties inside the Bank during the scheduled Table Top Meeting described below.

  3. The Parties arrange a “window time” for their Bank Officers to communicate and confirm Proof of Funds and Proof of Product.

  4. The Seller’s Bank Officer contacts the Buyer’s Bank Officer during the appointed window time. The Bank Officers engage in a full and frank discussion confirming the POF/POP status of their respective bank customers.

  5. The Buyer’s Bank Officer transmits a Bank Confirmation Letter via SWIFT 799 to the Seller’s Bank Officer confirming Proof of Funds. The Seller’s Bank Officer remits a SWIFT MT 600 (Precious Metal Trade Confirmation Message) confirming Proof of Product.

    Note: Where the Buyer’s Confirming Bank is located in Hong Kong, POP/POF verification is confirmed via Secure Bank Facsimile. No SWIFT messages. The Buyer’s Bank Officer transmits a Bank Confirmation Letter or Bank Tear Sheet and receives, in return, a true copy of the Seller’s Safekeeping Receipt.

  6. The Buyer transfers his purchase funds into his chosen Bank in Hong Kong. The Seller then opens a payment settlement account in the Buyer’s Bank to facilitate the “ledger-to-ledger” transfer of payment upon closing. Alternatively, the Seller can assist the Buyer to open a bank account in HSBC, Hong Kong.

    Note: The Buyer, in lieu of transferring his purchase funds into Hong Kong, may transfer his funds into HSBC Bank, London, Head Office and utilize HSBC Bank, London as the Payment Settlement Bank.

  7. The Seller’s Bank Officer convenes a Table Top Meeting inside the Bank with the Seller and Buyer’s delegation in attendance and provides the Buyer’s Bank Officer with authenticated “true” copies of all pertinent product documents.

  8. The Buyer, after confirmation of the product documents by his Bank Officer, instructs his Bank Officer to blocks his funds in his account in favor of the Seller’s account as a guarantee of payment as per the terms of the Agreement.

  9. The Buyer attends at the Seller’s private security warehouse with his certified inspection team and assays the product. Alternatively, at the Buyers' option, the Seller delivers the product to Metalor refinery, Hong Kong for a final assay.

    Note: The Seller can also arrange, upon request, for HSBC, Hong Kong to collect the newly assayed product from Metalor refinery and move the Au Metal into the Bank’s vault or bullion depository.

  10. The Seller’s Bank Officer, after completion of the final assay, convenes a Bank Table Top Meeting with the Seller and Buyer’s delegation in attendance. The Bank Officers set the purchase price, then proceed, under full banking scrutiny, to close the transaction on a “payment-against-delivery (transfer of title)” basis.


The Sovereign Seller/Title Holder is the accredited representative for, and has sole signatory authority to act on behalf of, a consortium of Governments, principally in Asia and the Pacific Rim region, and holds title of ownership to a substantial cache of bullion stock.

Accredited by whom?

Representing which party?

Consortium of which governments?

This is one of the largest stockpiles of GLD standard bullion in all of Asia. The Seller’s product is fully documented. The complete records pertaining to the origin and provenance of the bullion are maintained at HSBC, Hong Kong and will be made available to qualified Buyers during the scheduled Bank Table Top Meeting. The bullion assets were moved into Hong Kong over a span of a number of years. During that period, at various times and intervals through to the present day, the Seller has been actively selling down the Au bullion, while at the same time acquiring new product to replenish the stock and supplement existing inventories.

And now they are contacting the shoemakers of Bulgaria, maybe they have 8 billion dollars?


We understand the Buyer’s concerns regarding the genuineness of the Seller’s product; we have the same concerns on our side of the aisle regarding the Buyer’s financial capability. For security reasons - and for reasons of confidentiality related to the Sovereign nature of the product - we do not provide advance Proof of Product to non-qualified “third-parties” via the internet or sit-down meetings or by any other means.

Of course not. As first, if your identity would be disclosed you would end up in the jail, surely you don’t want to engage into any verification of the gold or identities of parties.

Equally, though, in deference to the Buyer’s legitimate privacy and security concerns, we do not require that interested Buyers provide advance Proof of Funds. Proof of Product and Proof of Funds will be confirmed, internally, on a “bank-tobank” basis only, once the Parties have lodged a fully executed contract with their respective Banks and the Buyer has been cleared Bank compliance. This assures that only bank-qualified Buyers who are “ready, willing and able” to fulfill the contract gain access to the Seller’s sensitive product information.

Which means, until then, you are walking around with this kind of wishy-washy stories.


For privacy and security reasons, we do not release, on a purely speculative basis, sensitive personal and/or corporate information regarding the Seller to someone we do not know or have not accepted to transact with; in the same way that no Buyer is going to release his personal and/or corporate information to someone he does not know or has not accepted to transact with.

Which means you are violating all the money laundering laws of Hong Kong, United Kingdom and whatever consortium of governments are there, Asia, Pacific, who else you represent? Ah, yes, the Crown.

In any offer there must be clear information about:

  1. Who is the party selling the product? Their name, address, contact information. Such is never private and confidential, that is business obligation in every transaction. You say who you are. You cannot just be yet another PHP List website owner like Robert Cohen.

That is just “common sense” business logic.

No, it is not, it is for naive people to make them believe.

You are the fucking retarded criminal. And that is the true “common sense” business logic.

We would be pleased to provide the Buyer with a formal Full Corporate Offer, to include our official mandate papers, once we have held preliminary discussions with the Buyer or his legal mandate and have confirmed that the Buyer is interested in purchasing the Seller’s product, and is willing to comply with the Seller’s procedures, and is otherwise competent to perform the transaction. Presumably, the Buyer goes through a similar calculus before providing the Seller with a formal Letter of intent.

The terminology “Full Corporate Offer” is fake terminology, and used only and exclusively by criminals who have never seen the real gold in bulk. And who have never conducted similar transactions.


We would be pleased to engage in meaningful contract discussions with interested Buyers and/or their legal mandates.

We can move very speedily to contract-signing and closing. We operate responsibly and professionally and are experienced at conducting Au bullion transactions.

Consultants are encouraged to protect their confidential sources at all times. A Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Agreement is available upon request.

Additional information, including a copy of the Sale & Purchase Agreement, is available to interested Buyers and/or their legal mandates only.

Robert Cohen

Robert Cohen has approached us where in his email he claims, that he is the founding member of:

He used 2 email addresses, such as and and his Skype: robertcohen27 and he claims to be “Executive Director/Chief Legal Officer” of the Jones Wyatt Corp. with the website being Jones Wyatt Corp.

On February 22nd 2016, he claimed to have “recently replenished the stock”, I mean he would have for 1% of the commmission, and he is to receive much more, but I am saying for 1% of the commission, he would already have received more than 80 million dollars. With that money, one can travel the world bank to bank, and not just contact yet another shoemakers in Bulgaria, or disabled people in Tanzania.

On March 17 2016, he was pleased to announce:

For your information -


We are pleased to announce that we have sold a large block of Sovereign-owned bullion.


A special thanks to our Seller team on the ground in Hong Kong for their excellent work.

On March 30th 2016, he stated:

There has been an important new development -


We are working closely now with HSBC Bank, London, the parent Bank of HSBC, Hong Kong and a respected Bullion Bank in its own right.

Western Buyers who prefer to maintain their funds within Europe can now utilize HSBC Bank, London as their exclusive European Settlement Bank for purposes of blocking their funds prior to inspecting the Seller’s product and for settling payment upon closing. We no longer require Buyers to move their funds into Hong Kong!

On September 22nd 2016, Robert Cohen claims:

We have been selling the product quite successfully this past 18 months.

And following these “funny” procedures too.

But thanks for asking.

Then we said:

If you have been selling “product” successfully, why then in the world you don’t sell to those same entities who bought it first time.

Then Robert Cohen (entity for us, we don’t know their real identity), answered:

Well, we do.

I mean they are long term multi-tranche transactions.

But we have very substantial quantities of product, which are constantly replenished.

So we can still write contracts with other Seller.

Does that mean there are “other Sellers”? Are they also Crown?

Then we asked Robert Cohen on September 22nd 2016:

Is it possible to order 200 tonnes, for 52 weeks, or one year?

Where he answered with:

200 MT per week for one year is fine.

I would write the contract for a total contract quantity for say 10,000 MT.

First Lift of 200 MT.

Subsequent lifts of 200 per week for 53 consecutive week until the contract is exhausted.

Something like that….


So, he is kind of getting very serious and claims that 200 metric tonnes can be delivered week by week. 52 weeks x 200 metric tonnes of gold amounts to 10,400,000 kilograms of gold.

Considering that current value of gold is US $40,390.98, then the value of 10400000 kilograms of gold shall be US $420,066,222,307.34.


Then in the next email to “Robert Cohen”:

Dear Robert,

I was just testing you. It is impossible to supply that amount of tonnes of gold. You are obviously doing something unrealistic, and I don’t know why and for which purposes.

52 x 200 tonnes would be 10,400 tonnes. So far nobody in the world does not own this much gold. There was one person, he died, who owned more than 3,000 tonnes of gold. There is no company in the world that ownes this much gold. Just that you know, no individual, and no company.

Gold is not a potato.

So, whatever you are doing sounds funny, it is not realistic at all. You don’t know what you are speaking about and you lack information of quantities of gold available on this Earth.

You are welcome to do some real business in Tanzania, to make some gold. That business is not going to give you commissions.

Jean Louis

Where Robert Cohen answered on September 22nd 2016:


I knew you weren’t serious.

So I just played along with it.

Had a bit of a laugh….


He also claimed to have been in their warehouses numerous times:


You are wrong on the facts.

I have been in our warehouses numerous times.

And, more importantly, we have sold major blocks of product already.

What can I tell you.

Nothing wrong with ½ KG of unprocessed gold. I applaud you for it!



Statements to Robert Cohen

Your pictures are not realistic, this is not science fiction movie. I doubt that any of those pictures is your real picture, that you made it. That is number one indication that it is wrong.

Analysis of the pictures sent by entity “Robert Cohen”


That picture is appearing on the website: CW Metalcasting so it cannot be truly original picture of the refining and melting operation in anyway connected to the entity known as “Robert Cohen”.

Same picture appears on multiple other websites.


That picture is appearing on the Dover Air Force Base website, where they describe their C-5M critical cargo. It cannot be in any way directly related to the Hong Kong purchase of gold and certainly not to Robert Cohen.

Same picture appears on multiple other websites.


That picture belongs to Fort Knox, probably. We don’t know it, as it appears on multiple websites, such as on 10 Most Secure Locations on the Planet.


That picture is yet another computer wallpaper that appears on multiple websites. You may download it yourself.

Mr. Robert Cohen was asked and requested to send the mandate letter. Yet, he refused to do so. We think that is either very naive or dumb person yet probably somebody trying to make money on scam.

Who is Robert Cohen?

We don’t know.

We don’t bloody know who is “Robert Cohen”.

Maybe this entity named “Robert Cohen” is just using the name to say that he is connected to some precious metal conferences like: Precious Summit where one of the real Robert Cohen appears on pictures.

Hong Kong Bullion Scams

We can find many warnings of Hong Kong Bullion Scams on Internet:

Hong Kong’s Largest Gold Bullion Vault

According to news from 2012, the Hong Kong’s Largest Gold Bullion Vault can hold 1,000 metric tonnes of gold.

Reference: Hong Kong’s Largest Gold Bullion Vault Signals Rising Asian Wealth

Yet, that is nothing, Robert Cohen may hold so much more as 1000 tonnes is just one month of what they are “selling”


Non-identified entities sending pretentious gold offers with all the secrets and supposed confidentiality are to be taken cautiosly.

Robert Cohen’s offer of Sovereign Gold Portfolio have all the indications of fake and fraudulent offer and shall be avoided.


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