Documents related to Hermes Trading House of Hong Kong

Documents related to pretentious and fraudulent offers by Hermes Trading House from Hong Kong

We are publishing here the research that relates to the due diligence and background information of Hermes Trading House that is sending offers for huge quantities of gold in tonnes, such as 5 tonnes of gold per week from Hong Kong and total of 1300 tonnes per year, in exchange for transferable, assignable bank guarantees where such transfers need not be disclosed to the issuer of such guarantee.

Their offer have been sent to us under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. license, by a website visitor.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hermes Trading House declined to provide us with any due diligence information about their offer, and failed to provide license issued by financial services authority of Hong Kong.

Mr. Michael Vourakis, the Chief Operations Officer, also failed to provide us with the legal license issued in the name of this entity also known as Hermes Trading House.

Chronology of events

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