How can I meet big gold sellers?

How can I meet big gold sellers?


Jean Louis, Since 2009, trader, buyer, seller of scrap and recycled gold

Written Nov 23

While you have not defined what it means “big”, as for someone it may be 100 grams of gold, for someone that is 2 tonnes of gold, there is still opportunity to meet such gold sellers.

  1. You need to represent yourself correctly, due to the money laundering and frauds in the business. You should have a company, or at least bank account with bank reference letter and confirmation of your funds, to make it more believable when you are to buy gold.
  2. Consider and keep in mind, that whoever has any considerable gold quantities, starting with few kilograms already, those people know where and how to sell gold for good prices, so you can forget about “buying cheap”. You need to offer benefits to better gold sellers, producers or traders. The major benefit can be the quick turnaround time and best prices paid for gold. In general gold bars and gold bullion are sold with premium meaning with the additional fees and money amounts on top of the gold spot prices. So when you wish to buy “big” from big gold sellers, you would need to have a joker in your pocket, and the joker is your money offered for gold. If you are paying 5% premium, you would be already able to buy hundreds of kilograms of gold. Once you understand this point, then you can move to point 3.
  3. You are buying gold simply on the gold market. You would arrange with your bank the access to brokerage accounts, and simply deal with gold on distance, by buying gold and paying better for it. This is one good way of buying gold. You can get this gold delivered to your home if you wish. In regards to producers of gold, they are well known and you can search for them[1] on Internet. Remember, that your presentation is number one. Even personal arrival will make all the difference. When you say that you offer good price, you will get gold.

NOTE: there is no cheap gold out there, ready and waiting for anybody to come, buy and go. Internet offers that you may read on dubious websites such as LinkedIn and others, are all fake and fraudulent, for one reason that whoever HAS gold already, he has bought it with the knowledge and experience, and knows how to sell it for best prices.

If we then speak of business of trading of gold, you can simply advertise in any city, any country, that you are buying gold, and if you are established, you can buy it from people, companies, miners, and you offer good prices like 98% and you will always be able to buy gold. In less developed countries, you can buy gold from people and companies for better prices such as 80% — however, never ready gold, on table, to be sold like that. You need to put effort and hard work into the trading business.


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