How do I know which silver bars or gold bars I should buy for investment from JM Bullion?

How do I know which Silver bars or Goldbars I should buy for investment from JM Bullion?

Looking into investing in Gold and Silver. I most likely will purchase from JM Bullion but there are so many options that I don't know which exactly one i should buy.

This will be a long term investment where I will buy a few bars and stash them away.


Jean Louis, 7 years managing third party investments

Written Jan 31, 2016

Being in the gold and silver trade, best investment was never for me to buy silver at spot prices.

I tend to simply place advertising, or buy silver from people. The old silver objects, silver plates, silverware, I bought many kilograms.

After buying, I would bring the silver to refinery and get the pure silver.

I could exchange pure silver for hallmarked and recognized bullion.

This way I have acquired recognized silver bullion that may be easily exchanged for money with more than 20% in profit.

It requires better silver metal knowledge and connections to refineries.

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