What is the quickest way to sell raw gold from Africa?

What is the quickest way to sell raw gold from Africa?

The gold produced on mining sites in Africa are quickest sold locally to local brokers and dealers.

There are two markets for gold from Africa:

  1. Virtual and online market of wannabe buyers and fake sellers, and naive intermediaries, believing into the emails and plethora of online gold offers that claim to have cheap gold from Africa. This group of people believes to each other, but never connect to the actual gold trade in Africa and they live out of the reality of the real gold trade.

  2. The real gold trade market is within the group of unlicensed but mostly licensed local brokers and dealers, and there is plethora of them, so many gold buyers are locally available that they are strong competition to any outside and foreign buyer. This also implies that gold obtained on mining sites may easily sold locally in all the gold producing countries.

Gold anywhere in countries such as Mali, Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania can be sold easily and locally for almost the world market prices.

Once you make sure that this statement is real and you can verify it only by arriving to the country and verifying the information with authorities and visiting the gold dealers and understanding what prices they are offering — then you will realize that there is no problem in selling gold produced on mining sites in Africa.


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