Where can I sell my gold nuggets?

Where can I sell my gold nuggets?

I want to sell my gold nuggets and I’m in Ukraine. As I’m new in this industry I don’t know where I can sell them easily. What are the ways to sell gold and diamonds? Specially gold nuggets?

Jean Louis

Jean Louis, Since 2009, trader, buyer, seller of scrap and recycled gold

Written Jan 17

If you are in Ukraine, you could easily sell your gold nuggets directly to jewelers in Ukraine. If you are in the business, you can contact some of refineries in Europe, export and sell there. “Gold nuggets” are not part of gold “industry”, that type of gold falls more into hobby and collections. Gold is not sold as “gold nuggets”, but is usually melted into bars or melted before the payments and before the sale as well. As in gold trade you want to know what you are selling in the first place, so you would melt it before going to sell it, so that you are not tricked with it.

Each gold nugget is unique in shape, so beware of those gold nuggets which are same to each other. On picture you can see one of nuggets on my table here.

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