Where can gold bars and nuggets be sold?

Where can gold bars and nuggets be sold?

Jean Louis

Jean Louis, Since 2009, trader, buyer, seller of scrap and recycled gold

Written Jan 17

You have not mentioned in which country are you. Gold bars are easily sold to dealers and banks in Europe. In Africa, gold bars can be easily sold to dealers and jewelers. There are gold refineries everywhere in Europe, and they would accept gold bars and nuggets and pay for it after melting.

However, gold is not sold in nuggets. Simple mentioning of that phrase together, like “gold bars and nuggets” remind me of those fake Internet offers, usually arriving from East Africa. I am now located in Tanzania and I am in business of startup of gold mines. I know about those offers, and none of them was real. Gold is not cheap, quite contrary, it can be sold for better prices in the country, then when exported to other countries.

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