Where is the best place for silver and gold jewelry manufacturing and production?

Where is the best place for silver and gold jewelry manufacturing and production?

I am starting a jewelry brand and looking for the best, high quality production and manufacturing factories. Protoyping included.


Jean Louis, Since 2009, trader, buyer, seller of scrap and recycled gold

Written Feb 7, 2016

That very much depends of your needs and your abilities, and many other factors. I can speak for myself. The best place for manufacturing and production, globally, would be a place where gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, and other materials are ready available and cheap. One such country is Tanzania, and that is where I have experience. However there is almost no quality jewelry manufacturing in Tanzania. For manufacturing and production, that is for me the best place, as labor is cheap, and resources are available.

For sales of jewelry best places would be largest cities in the world.

Good strategy for a jeweler is to have a complete business chain from mining to the sales. Such chain would encompass following:

  1. Gold, diamonds and gemstone mining operations
  2. Cutting, polishing diamonds and gemstones
  3. Refining gold, silver and other precious metals
  4. Having manufacturing equipment and company in the country
  5. Having sales outlets in other countries
  6. Having network of other jewelers to buy and sell the jewelry
  7. Producing raw materials, manufacturing jewelry and exporting to them

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