How invest money in GOLD?

How invest money in gold?

Answer by managers of GOLDIVANTI LP

If I would say "Don't do it" in 2009, I would never start a profitable gold trading business. I was buying and selling gold with my hands, practically and directly from people. My income at that time was about 20% on each transaction I could make thousands of euros every month. There is no entrepreneur without risks The learning part is very important, but most of all, one need to know simple mathematics. If person purchases gold for 10% less the price, and is able to sell it within 1-2 days for that ten percent more, that can be the income and return of investment.

The only thing one need to take care is how to find people who sell gold, and those who buy it. Buyers are usually easier to find, those are gold refineries located in every country of the world.

People who sell gold may be found in local newspapers, by placing small ads, and offering them prices. That is inexpensive way to start in gold trading and investing. It is practical, direct investment, and not delegated to third parties.

If you never bought gold yourself, with your own hands, from someone, like gold ring, or gold necklace, you should not go on the next higher step to buy gold bullion.

Buy cheap, sell for higher price keep your expenses low.


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