What is the best way to invest 100k long term to gain the most?

What is the best way to invest 100k long term to gain the most?

Answer by managers of GOLDIVANTI LP

Passive investments bring less money. Active investments and involvements bring more income over long term. It would be best for you to have your own business idea, and to invest in yourself, in your own business plan.

If you are looking for delegated investment into a company, I have to offer you our plan to Start Your Own Gold Mine by doing delegated investment and management for minimum of three years. My company with people in Tanzania have invested in 2012 and 2013, energy, time, resources, to find out best sources, mining claims, for our foreign partners. With all the legal and administrative difficulties in 2015, we have overcome and came to point to serve our present 15 clients in gold mining startups.

We develop ready made gold mining locations, in Tanzania, with plan to move into few other countries later such as Ghana and Papua New Guinea.

There are 2 wealth generation plans that we have designed for us, and for our clients, and that is Vehicle Trade and Start Your Own Gold Mine plans.

In every business, details are most important. My computer has made in last 24 hours 22 conversions, without my attention, for a small product bringing me per each conversion US $35. That amounts to ideal of US $770 for yesterday. If I would tell these details precisely to someone and give him resources I have, such person would be able to fully duplicate the business and gain over US $700 in one day.

The above are Wealth Generation Plans that are fully detailed and precise, step by step programs, that are ready for delegated business management.

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