Where can I buy good and cheap gold?

Where can I buy good and cheap gold?

Where can I buy good an cheap gold?

In your question you are referring to gold. There is no specification to what type of gold you are referring, and also not of what is considered “cheap”.

In gold trade business there are many ways how you can buy good and cheap gold, and I have to be more specific in regards to type of gold and methods of buying gold.

I am gold trader since longer time and we always buy cheap gold. As gold trader we do not allow us and do not even think of buying gold for spot prices. We want larges trade markup possible.

  1. Jewelry gold when purchased as new, jewelry gold is almost always above the gold market price. In this case cheap means that the price is below the average jewelry prices. Yet the price can be over the gold price. If average jewelry price is about 150% of the gold price, and you are buying it for 110% of the gold price, such gold is considered cheap. This should clarify that the type of gold is important.

  2. Gold bullion or investment gold has on the retail market almost always premium prices. It means their price is over the gold market price. The large the gold bar, the less premium price is paid. Small gold bars of 1 gram may have a price of 160% to the world market price. Many companies are after 1 gram gold bars, so when you are able to buy one gram gold price, the price of 105% may be considered pretty cheap.

  3. How to buy gold bullion or investment gold under the world marker price? That is of course possible and is done every single day worldwide. First, if you are purchasing gold bullion on brokerage accounts or gold market accounts, or through banks, you may always ask for better price. It is matter of arrangement. Sometimes parties wish to sell larger quantities of gold and they give discounts. This is for larger players.

    For small traders and “normal” people, you may purchase gold bullion, gold coins by placing advertising online and offline, by placing cheapest or free advertising in newspapers. You are offering to people cash and thus buying gold somewhat cheaper. Buying price of 90% to 95% will be just fine for private people.

    Good way to continually arrange cheap gold is stream financing and prepaid gold forward sales contracts with companies having mineral rights and engaging in development of gold mining production. Example is here: Goldivanti® Investment Gold where you may obtain gold with 20% to 30% discounted. Plethora of companies are engaging in similar contracts with mining companies worldwide, and that is an alternative way of gold mining development. This way the buyer is sure to get the gold in future for less price, and the gold mining companies is being developed with purchase of new equipment. Almost every gold mining company will give you some benefits when you provide them with new and necessary mining equipment. As simple as that.

  4. How to buy cheap gold in other form than gold bullion? There are scrap gold dealers everywhere in the world. We all are buying gold under the price from people from street. We pay from 70% to 90%, while best gold scrap buyers pay about 96% for gold scrap and old gold. We sell to gold refineries and better dealers with markup and up to the gold market prices. Sometimes we have good buyers who pay us premium prices. You would find some of gold scrap dealers and approach them, and ask them to buy gold from them. Maybe you get somewhat cheaper price of 96% to 98% — so this way you get it cheaper, you can accumulate it and later convert to gold bars. If you consider that gold bullion is priced easily with 5% premium price, buying gold for 98% and converting to gold bullion with gold refinery is already giving you 6%-7% difference in pricing. Thus you may achieve the cheap effect on this type of purchases. Many scrap dealers have some gold stashed for future, and are ready to sell you for cash. You need specific knowledge on this one.

  5. How to buy cheaper gold in Africa? The one good way to buy cheap gold in Africa I have explained through Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contracts. Another way is having a trusted concierge such as Mr. Boateng in Ghana where he may arrange purchases of gold for 98% of the market price. Another good way of buying gold for some 10% discount in Ghana is the establishment of your own local business. Same is possible in Tanzania and many other countries in Africa where gold may be as little as US $20 per gram or about 50% off the world market price. That is an active investment and business and requires efforts. But do not believe that ready, melted gold can be bought from Africa, especially not through Internet, as for the reason that as soon as the gold comes from gold mine to the city, this gold is usually easily sold for market prices. So cheap gold will not be available to foreigners, because when it would be real gold it could be sold for best price right away in the country.

Those are the ways to buy cheap gold that I know, and I have done it over and over again and still doing it.

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