Gold business in Mali is cash business

Gold business in Mali is cash business

Gold business in Mali is cash business, just like everywhere else. Only in developed countries and large quantities are purchased in different manners.

When somebody mentions such indications of fraud, such as: documents, mandate, "buyers and sellers", "exchange prior to delivery", sorry -- on ground they don't even talk like this.


In gold business, the true gold trade, we do not even speak "buyer", "seller", we say, my office is here, bring it, we pay this price.

Who is ever mentioning "documents" in gold sale? Nobody. When invoices or agreement is requird, this can all be done at the spot. It is in majority in cases not used.

Gold is sold for cash. No IDs, no documents asked. Even if it is contrary to the local laws.

Everybody is buyer and seller at some moment, however, on that fantasy market, the reason to use word "seller" is to attract the naive "buyers" from other countries.

What means "post delivery by gold"? When you encounter such terminology, run away. Gold is bought for cash. There are no arrangements to do with the seller others than paying for gold in cash.

Everything else such as transport, delivery to other countries, you are handling yourself.

You handle your export yourself, once you secure gold yourself.

I do not know ANY company in the world that need to appoint "intermediary" to sell gold. It is an indication of fraud.

Imagine, you have gold, and you appoint unknown people to sell gold for you??? Does that make sense?

If you have gold you have your employee, partner, you give it to him, he brings it to dealer and sells.

There are many dealers in Mali, and people are mistaken if they think gold cannot be sold there.

Gold price in Mali is 98% and finding any quantity less than that gold price is difficult.

Best is to simply run away from those fake people, change your hotel, and go to the welder places, truck transport, and ask them where are mining sites.

Then go to the mining site, and find the brokers there on the ground, and then tell them you wish to sell gold to them, and how much they pay. You wish to buy, but you are inquiring how you can sell gold.

Once you are sure that gold can be easily sold, your logic and mind may start working.

Maybe you find it for yourself that there cannot be cheap gold, if the gold can be easily sold on the ground.

Try to find out where and to whome the brokers bring gold for sale.

Find the real dealers who are buying gold in Mali. Get the taste of the real market.

You cannot simply expect to be in a city and get any quantities of gold which are real.

Even if gold is real, the deal cannot be real for cheap gold in Mali, no way.

Somebody offering you "kilograms of gold discounted in Mali"? There is one appropriate word for that, it is LOL.

Why don't you go to mining site and find real gold? Go to the real licensed dealer in Mali and see how they are buying gold.

There is nothing to it, gold is given to the dealer, melted eventually or not, assayed by whatever means and paid. There is nothing more to it.

And same is in many African countries, including just with all gold dealers in Europe and US. Just same.

Do not run on the line of fake deals.

You need to shift from that line.

Why are those fake dealers never coming to me on the ground? Just never.

I shifted long ago. The fake dealers do not come face to face to meet me. They know I know it.

It is as simple as that.

It is like the dog to dog, they look each other, they know who is who.

Are you the dog, or are you the prey?


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