How to get cheap and discounted gold from mining production?

How to buy cheap and discounted gold from African mining companies?

So many people are in belief that there is some cheap and discounted gold in Africa, just waiting on the table for the foreign buyer to come and buy it.


Very cheap. Just pay for export taxes and similar.

Nothing of such stories is true.

That is just for naive gold buyers who do not know the real facts.

The facts are that:

  1. Gold is expensive everywhere in Africa.

  2. Gold cannot be obtained discounted and cheap in Africa in bulk quantities.

  3. Only locally licensed dealers and brokers have access to somewhat cheaper gold, as they travel to mining sites, and give benefits to miners. One of those benefits is that the miner does not need to travel to town to sell the gold himself.

  4. Local miners produce small quantities of gold and sell in small transactions, almost never in bulk. If anybody is selling in bulk, they know where to get the good price.

  5. Big mining companies are selling in bulk, yet they have obligations and contracts to provide gold to their clients and gold refineries, they cannot just switch the contract, just because you or somebody else "have a gold buyer".

  6. To "have a gold buyer" is of no advantage or benefit to local gold owners or gold mining site owners. We all have gold buyers. There is and there never was a problem with selling gold.

  7. The advantage and benefit is when gold buyer is paying premium prices, for example 10% over the gold price, that would be the fair advantage for local miners to sell and export gold to foreign buyers.

  8. You will not get genuine gold offers on LinkedIn, and other lead and trade websites. That is the reason why we are never to participate again on LinkedIn. They are not serious.

Then how to get cheap and discounted gold from mining companies?

We are in mining development.

Do you know that all mining companies in the world are pre-financed, either through private shareholders or as public companies or by gold futures or prepaid gold forward contracts, loans and project financing?

There is no way to get cheap gold in Tanzania in bulk for foreign buyer who sit in the office.

You can just get fake gold and get scammed and loose money.

The real gold once produced in Tanzania is sold to local buyers, who are good buyers, paying very well on well demanded market, it is 97% to 99% price paid out in cash, on the spot.

Export requires 4% additionally for royalties plus 1% insurance plus transport expenses. Some rare buyers in Dar es Salaam pay premium prices 5% and some rare buyers in Dubai pay 10% premium price.

If your buyer wish to pay premium price such as 10% on top of gold price, we can always arrange business. Contact us to buy the premium priced gold.

If not then the buyer must be aware that he is not even considered buyer for our local purposes, as there is just nobody who is going to export gold for some prices below the spot.

Why in the world we would sell gold below the spot, or discounted like 5% - 10%, if we can sell that same gold locally within one hour, for cash, on the spot, on the table, no questions asked?!

We can sell gold locally once it is available for extra good price. No other buyer in outside countries can beat local prices due to the above facts.

Then how to get cheap and discounted gold from mining companies?

To really earn money you need to invest in mining and get benefits.

Or provide any kind of benefits to the mining company, and arrange your deal with gold.

Can buyer send us excavator and person to control his excavator, while we are working?

Can buyer send us jaw crusher, hammer crusher, generators, containers, hydraulic hammers?

Our partners do. So for this reason we will benefit our partners.

Arrange the deal with the mining company and get your gold discounted and cheap.

Give us benefits, we will give benefits to you.

For more information contact GOLDIVANTI LP and arrange your Prepaid Gold Forward Sales Contract to become able to buy gold bullion and bars with 20% to 30% discounted gold price.


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