We are preparing to invest in gold from Tanzania, but we are not 100% sure about the company that we are working with

We are preparing to invest in gold from Tanzania, but we are not 100% sure about the company that we are working


LET ME ASURE YOU, that your deal is a scam deal.

Whatever efforts you have undergone already to make the deal, those efforts may drive you to believe that it is real, as you invested energy and effort in making business happen.

Our US company is in Tacoma, WA, we have license and bank account.

Name of consultanting company is Start Your Own Gold Mine.

The name of our company in Tanzania is Start Your Own Gold Mine Limited.

I am European, gold trader, experienced, well versed and diligent. I am also allergic on fake dealers, it is better I don't meet them face to face.

Bremont Metals Venture LLC

Companies in Tanzania are not named LLC.

Head Office Kifaru Street Mikocheni "A" Kinondoni Dar es salaam. Tel: +255 715 559 989 +255 683 200 046

Can your company help us with this venture, and do you know this company Bremont.

I do not know and I do not need to know it. My experience and knowledge is enough to make conclusions about business.

Maybe it does not sound logical to you, how is possible that I tell you that the deal is scam? How do I know it?

Here is how I know it is a gold deal scam from Tanzania

  1. Tanzania is a gold producing country.

  2. There are few large companies, they are public companies and they will usually not sell gold to new buyers, as they already have their future contracts and stream financing. Those public companies such as Barrick, Ashanti, they are all well known and listed on the stock markets.

  3. There is not even one single company in Tanzania or anywhere in Eaast Africa that may produce 100 kilograms of gold. Sorry.

  4. There is absolutely no problem of selling gold in Tanzania, within the boundaries of Tanzania. We have brokers, in thousands, we have dealers in hundreds all over Tanzania. I am not Tanzania, but there is none genuine Tanzanian gold broker or dealer who does not know where and how to sell gold. It is gold producing country, there is one million of gold miners, do you really think it is hard to sell gold? It is easier than anywhere else in the world. First, cash is paid immediately on the spot, and second, good prices are paid.

  5. Gold prices paid in Dar es Salaam Tanzania are just like 97% to 99%. Example dealer is published here on this page: https://www.startyourowngoldmine.com/rcd/connect/malaki-jewellers-ltd-gold-dealer-tanzania.html so please read it. There are numerous gold dealers in Dar es Salaam, they are all jewelers and pay best prices. There are Greek and Indian companies and Tanzanian companies paying best prices for gold. I would not be in Tanzania if this is not true.

  6. ONCE AGAIN, everybody can sell gold in Tanzania easy, on the spot, for 97% to 99% world market price.

  7. Exportation requires 4% royalties and usually 1% insurance. Who would like to pay this, when we all can sell gold within the borders in Tanzania?! Then again there is expense in transport and turnaround time. Only largest companies export gold as they have certain agreements.

  8. Purchasing gold in Tanzania requires a one time license, unless you have a local company and such one time license is US $3000 or more. Attempting to purchase gold without license may be illegal.

  9. Gold is NEVER purchased in genuine gold trade, by doing any kind of paper assay reports. Assay is done and conducted always by the gold buyer, and after assay, gold must change the hands, otherwise in the next round, assay and melting would be conducted again.

  10. Just nobody has 100 kilograms to sell. Gold is not accumulated in kilograms, but rather sold immediately, short after purchase. That is how all gold dealers are working. We do not accumulate gold, we do not want to risk with gold prices.

Review the above indications and facts, and let me know what you think.

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