Do you know reliable gold buyers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania?

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Do you know reliable buyers in dar es Salaam for gold?

Absolutely yes.

I have business in Tanzania since 2012, and I am now in Entebbe, Uganda, just for meetings and business research. Otherwise we are located in Geita, north Tanzania.

In Dar es Salaam I know many places where gold can be sold. It is full of gold dealers. They are also all located pretty much together, and not spread around the town.

They pay 1% less the market price.

Majority of dealers will pay 97% - 99% of the market price. Gold is easily sold in Tanzania.

Also banks are buying gold, but they pay too little, 5% discounted, not good. So everybody is selling to dealers who pay 97% - 99% and 100% of world market price.

There is absolutely no cheap gold in Tanzania, in bulk, discounted, impossible. People who have real gold are not stupid, and they would never even sell to foreigners.

Just all offers arriving from Tanzania to other countries, where they claim to have cheap gold, in bulk, kilograms, those are all fake offers.

When you sell gold in Tanzania, dealers don't ask for ID. They have money. So if somebody has gold, they get money on the spot, everybody in gold business here knows it.

If the fake dealer would have real gold, they would have sell it, within one hour, but they don't have. ALL offers you find on Internet from Tanzania are fake. Just all.

To obtain cheap gold you need to invest in mining companies, that is just the one and the only way to get it cheap in some bulk.

Or, alternatively, you can open local business and buy gold in many small transactions as broker, that way is possible to buy for 80% but after royalties the profit is maybe 5-11%. That is not possible for bulk, just 10-50 grams of gold per each transaction, and you can buy in one week, if you are good, maybe 1 kilogram, you must drive around the mining sites and various cities.

I am here in Entebbe in Uganda, here is one refinery and they refine to 99.9% pure gold, so every larger company, and there are just few here, are selling to them, no need for export.

Same for Kenya, it is very easy to sell real gold.

There is no single offer for gold that is real offer, and coming by internet, for bulk, sourced from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania.

Gold is much smuggled in all countries, but it will never be sold to foreigners, if it is real, it will be sold in the country. I heard from officials also that it is smuggled.

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