Gold from East Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya

Gold from East Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya

Gold is produced on mining sites in East Africa, in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, that is all true. There are few large companies in Tanzania, and few moderately large in Uganda and in Kenya. Yet all these large producers never change their strategy of gold sale. They know where and how to sell. And there is a plethora of mining sites run by local miners who produce gold, and sell it to local gold brokers and gold dealers.

But is there any quantity of gold, discounted, available and ready to be bought?

Here is the short answer, and here is how you can obtain gold in Tanzania:

  1. We have business in Tanzania and we can offer gold provided there is investment into machinery, so gold can be offered with 30% discount currently, only 2 kilograms. It requires at least 6 months as such gold is produced on promising mining sites, and money is used for the mining site development. And there are no guarantees, it can take even longer. It is prepaid forward contract for gold purchase.

  2. You may engage in mining activities and obtain your own gold through your own gold mining site and we can provide you with the proper technology for that type of the gold, the administrative base, the offices, people, skilled labour, equipment for gold recovery, and whatever else is necessary that you can start your own business.

  3. You can buy gold from dealers in Tanzania, if you are foreigner, one time license is US $3,000 payable to government, or you may establish gold trade locally, where we help our clients do that, and the fee is US $8,000 -- or if you are to open your own gold mine, that fee is included. We can also bring you to mining sites where you can buy gold with 80% of the gold market price. The current gold price in Tanzania on mining site is about 80% of the gold market price. Thus the discount on mining sites is about 20%.

  4. Once gold is bought on mining sites, and brought to cities in Tanzania, it is sold in Tanzania for 97% - 99% of the market price. That means, there is no ready, discounted gold in quantities on table, waiting for any foreigner. There is none. The reason for that is that there is a well developed gold trade market in Tanzania.

  5. That also means, that just Internet offers for discounted gold from Tanzania are fake and fraudulent. There is no discounted gold in quantities to be bought in Tanzania, there is just fake gold, and you can lose all the money when dealing with criminals. Local Tanzanians, the genuine gold owners, do not trust people they don't know, so there is absolutely no logical reason to sell the gold to somebody from outside, if they can walk across the street and sell it to the local dealer.

  6. If you wish to pay for gold like 5% premium, or at least 100% -- then you may buy some kilograms of gold, with price of 99% - 100%. That is possible. That is low-margin trade business. And you would be dealig only with dealers in Tanzania, there are plenty of them. You cannot buy quantites of gold from mining sites, as mining sites do not accumulate gold in bulk before the sale, as a matter of fact, they sell gold every day.

  7. In general, if you have idea to purchase gold in quantities, with discounts, to export the gold (did you forget 4% royalties?), to make money outside of Tanzania, that idea is not going to work, unless you are ready to pay premium prices or you are ready to work on low-margin gold trade.

Local gold trade business in Tanzania

Here is simple calculation how you may conduct local trade busines:

  1. Payment to our company US $8,000 for local company establishment, and consulting, and to bring you to the business and to mining sites.
Estimate of gold transaction: Wednesday 2017-04-05 (GMT+3) 13:03:51,
Seller: Local miners
Buyer: You
Gold Trade Transaction Estimate
Sellers offer 5000.00 grams of gold with estimated gold purity of 95.00%
Estimated impurity weight in 5000.00 grams is 3.00%
Estimated weight after melting is: 4850.00

Broker offers gold price of 71975.88 Tsh. per gram.
The total proposed payment would be: 349083012 Tsh. for 4850.00 grams of gold,
with the purity of 95.00%, with the gold price per gram being 71975.88 Tsh.

Gold market price per gram: 89969.85 Tsh 
Pure gold grams: 4607.50 x 89969.85 x 4.00% = 15752370.00 Tsh in royalties
Sales price per gram: 82907.22 Tsh x 4607.50 grams = 402099995.30 Tsh.
INCOME = 402099995.30 Tsh - 364835383.69 Tsh = 37264611.61 Tsh

The income on 5000 grams bought is thus 37264611 Tanzanian shillings which is US $16708. That is valid for April 5th, 2017.

To buy 5 kilograms on mining site you may need few weeks, maybe, if you are well organized in accordance with our advices, maybe you can buy it in 2 weeks.

This is most realistic and accurate information.

It should stop you looking for "cheap gold offers" from Internet, as such do not exist.

Same is valid for Uganda and Kenya -- all cheap offers of gold from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya are non-existent as such gold is fake, and principals are fraudulent.

Today on April 5th 2017, I came from Tanzania to Entebbe, to meet European partners, here in Uganda, and here in Entebbe there is one of good refineries that is giving back the 100% of the gold refined.

Who would be then selling 1,500 kilogram of gold from Uganda with 20% discount, if the gold refinery is just there and may be paying 100% of the gold price?

Further, no such offers for large quantities exist in Uganda, as the country is currently producing low volumes of gold.

All the larger companies know where to sell their gold. They don't need new and unknown foreign buyers to come along, through email communication, to sell to them gold. Gold trade is simply not working that way.

Local miners sell to brokers and all of the gold ends in dealers' offices or refinery. Thus there is no cheap gold from Uganda, there is just expensive fake gold.

Kenya the same, they have low mining volume in Kenya and yet, there is no cheap gold on the table ready to be bought by foreigner.

The so called "gold nuggets" from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are as fake as they can be, I mean where in the world one can find 5000 gold nuggets that look same to each other? Not even 2 nuggets in the world are the same, unspoken from kilograms of such nuggets. That is fake, it is not gold, and such nuggets are made by using brass welding rodes.

For consulting and business guidance on how to really trade with gold in Tanzania, contact our company.

Pictures of fake gold nuggets

IMG-20170327-WA0000.jpg fake-gold-nuggets-002.jpg fake-gold-nuggets-149441.jpg IMG_3332.JPG 2017-04-24-PHOTO-00000017.jpg


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