How can one tell between fake and real gold with their naked eye?

How can one tell between fake and real gold with their naked eye?

I cannot say for those professionally made fake gold bars that are of the same size just as the real gold. I am mostly faced with the fake gold bars offered from African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, where criminals paint the yellow color over the lead bars, or otherwise melt any type of brass, and claim it to be the gold.

Gold trader with the experience may recognize the fake metallic yellow colors, that is one way of recognition by the naked eyes. Certainly for true verification one need to employ few methods.

The other way to recognize the fake gold bar is explained on this page: First Steps for Purchase of Gold from Africa and in the basics of physics of gold.

Gold bar of certain purity and certain volume cannot be larger than it can be large.

For example 250 grams gold bar of pure gold is for example 50.50 millimeter multiplied by 31 millimeter multiplied by 9.3 millimeter, with some corners being rounded and with the gold specific gravity of 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter, it simply cannot be larger than what you can see on the picture below.

This is the picture of 250 grams of real and pure gold:

You can see how small it is in relation to that, I hope average hand size, of mine.

And here is the picture of 250 gram fake gold bar in the average Indian sized hand:

Do you see how much more space is that bar occupying in the hand of the victim?

When you know the weight of the gold and you see the gold bar in the hand of somebody, you have got enough information to recognize badly made fake gold bar.


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