Answer to one of naive gold intermediaries, for fake gold offer from Kenya

Naive wannabe gold intermediary from Spain, has sent to us this fake gold offer

This is the transcript from email, given to us with the permission to be published.

Fake gold offer from Kenya, for gold coming from Congo

On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 12:52:19PM +0000, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:
 > one of them is 30kg gold per month. The gold have Ghana origin, but
 > it will be deposited in Ámsterdam or London´s bank, if I bring him a
 > buyer.His terms are 20% TT after the buyer check the gold in the
 > bank and make his own analize there. 8 days after 80% TT balance.

It does not exist, not possible. Even in gold for cash shops anywhere
in Amsterdam, more money is paid for gold. Unspoken of London.

 > I send you here his FCO.

We do not read "FCO", as FCO is fraudulent terminology. Nobody in gold
trade uses "FCO", the terminology is used exclusively online in the
virtual, fantasy world of "gold trade" between the fake dealers and
people who believe them.

 > The second one is from Congo mine. They have 750kg and they could
 > present that QTY per month, eben more. They will bring the gold to
 > the buyer´s country by their own spends.

Yes, but they will ask for the money in advance, as that is how they
make money. The gold is not on picture you have sent in the PDF,
anyway, we had this picture before from various other people. You may
see it here on this page:

That is not gold, believe me.

There are no 2 nuggets in the world that look same to each other. They
make this brass nuggets by using brass welding sticks, see pictures

 > Where is hidden here the scam I don´t know, but I am seek to call me
 > scammer. Just that confuse me so much. I am not any scammer....

Now, when I am informing you of these matters, you are receiving
enough information that you should take it very seriously. You need to
learn about the gold.

One thing, click here, to see some truly natural nuggets, and you will
see their shape, it is not same to each other:

And I am now in Entebbe, Uganda. I have business in Tanzania, believe
me that I know East Africa. I know where gold comes from when
smuggled, and it never comes in those quantities, impossible.

I am talking to geological survey departments, and I know people from
chamber of mines and I know true and real mining sites. I know each
location in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and each region in Congo where
gold is mined.

Believe me, that EACH offer that you get from Internet will be fake
and fraudulent.

The reason is very simple, we have here in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, we
have here good gold dealers and refineries. There is largest refinery
here in Entebbe:

just review the website they are paying 100% back.

In Kenya dealers will pay 97% - 98%, so if these guys would have real
gold in Kenya they would sell it without asking you or me.

The true gold is never sold by Internet, for the reason that local
dealers simply pay cash.

That is why no true gold seller need to contact anybody outside of the

Finally, people who have gold, are not naive or crazy, to risk with
people outside, they sell it locally.

When I came to Africa in 2012, I was convinced that I need to export

That is not true, I can sell locally, and maybe some big companies may
export it later.

Now, after all the references, that I am giving you, you should not
attempt, not even once, to send that offer to somebody else, unless
you wish to get opinion if it is true or not.

As if you do -- in that case you are making yourself criminally
liable. Just one report to the Spanish authorities on money laundering
and you would be under their spying agency, and they could raid your
apartment, house, and cause you trouble. I am not doing that. But I am
warning you, as that is exactly what is happening to people who are
attempting fraud and living in Europe. Somebody else may not be so
nice to you as I am.

 > If you are interested ok, if not, just save your opinión for
 > yourself.

In accordance with our terms and conditions, any fake offer sent to
our company, may be published, and you accepted terms and conditions
when you contacted our company.

That we do publish and debunk fake offers, you can see example here:

I do believe you are genuine, yet you need to adjust your reality,
there will be no true offer on online websites.

I will also publish your offer, without your name, unless you repeat
it. And even if you do not send email to me, we are so good connected,
that sooner or later we would receive new email from you from some
other company we know, or other websites, and in that case, after
warning, we need to file police reports.

You have attempted to defraud us.

The court would be on my side. And you could spend some months in jail
or pay the fine in Spain. You have already committed breach of money
laundering rules.

Let me tell you why, that you learn from that, not that you get fears:

1. If you deal with any gold in Europe, as business, like you
represent yourself, first you need some business registered, even if
not registered, it does not matter, but you do need to KNOW YOUR

2. Know Your Clients is a duty of every gold dealer in Europe, and
that is due to European Directives. I had 3-4 companies in Europe, and
was buying and selling scrap gold, and I had companies in different
countries, that is how I know that.

3. What that means? It means you must ask your dealers about their
company documents, address, phone, you must see those documents,
understand where gold comes from, and ask for their identities, to
make sure that they are directors of the company, and that you are
dealing with right people. Making sure of documents by Internet is not
working, none document can be considered truthful. And you did not go
to Kenya, you did not verify anything.

4. I was is in courts on such gold deals. I know what court would tell
you, you did not verify anything, but yet you rushed to gain the money
by sending offers to people. Which means by knowing and by not knowing
of anything about the truth of such deal, you attempted fraud. You
wanted money from there. Court could say you knew that the deal is not
real. And that is the point where they can say, you go to jail for
attempted fraud.

 > I covered the name of the seller´s Company, because I don´t know you
 > and my fees must be guaranteed by IMPFA notary and bank legalized
 > before any direct contact. That it is look like so trivial and
 > booring, but that is the unique way to forward.

Your expectations are way too high. I do not need those names. When
somebody is conducting fraud multiple times, repeating it, then I need
all the names in order to report to police.

Today I was speaking  to authorities in Uganda, they know all about
the fake nuggets.

I would like to propose the real business, where you can earn tens of
thousand of euros, but you started on the wrong foot.

Maybe you understand this email, and we can move on to some real
realistic business?

I would send you my proposal, yet I need your engineer's feedback. An
engineer is measuring, observing, comparing, verifying, analysing, and
making conclusions.

So I am asking you to use your engineer's skills to verify your gold

One more fact for you, import duty in all East Africa is 25%, also on
gold. Gold is not exempted as you can see on this link:

And you can find more about it here:

Those fake dealers, how did they "import" from Congo to Kenya? Did
they smuggle it? Of course it is not real gold, but they must claim
either to have it smuggled or to have it imported. And who in the
world would import gold when importy duty is 25% and they do not know
where and how to sell it?

Questions are for you to think about it.


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